Hydromax Xtreme XX40

The Hydromax Xtreme XX40 is the largest of the 3 pumps that make up the newest Xtreme line of products. Created for larger men, this pump is just like a regular Hydromax XX40 except for having a different pumping mechanism that is unique to Xtreme pumps. The way it works is that instead of increasing pressure by pumping the unit back and forth, a separately held handball pump is used instead.

xtreme x40

Though a handball pump may not initially seem like much of an advantage, comparing them shows how big the difference really is. During the course of a workout session it is normal to pump water out of the cylinder a few times to maintain the desired pressure. The pumping motion required on older models works well but the pressure changes come in bigger increments. The handball pump allows more subtle variations until you reach the exact pressure you want.

Also, not moving the entire unit back and forth while pumping prevents the possibility of breaking the seal between your body and the pump. Having the ability to make fine pressure adjustments by simply squeezing a bulb allows you to have better focus during your workout. The result is not only a better workout but a more pleasant experience that encourages future use.

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Handball pump aside, the Xtreme models incorporate all of the advances that are found in the basic Hydromax models. Most significant is a 35% increase in vacuum pressure, an improved valve mechanism, a better fitting comfort pad, and a freely rotating cylinder for easier measurement viewing. The measuring guide is also conveniently displayed using both the metric and imperial systems.

These Xtreme hydro pumps are truly state of the art and those who have tried say they are the best on the market today. The price may be a little steep for some but the durability of these pumps combined with easier use and faster results makes them well worth it. For more information on the Hydromax Xtreme XX40 or any other Bathmate pump, please click on the link that follows.