Hydromax Xtreme XX30

The Hydromax Xtreme XX30 pump is the mid-size model of the 3 newest pumps added to the Bathmate arsenal, the other being the larger Xtreme XX40. What really differentiates these pumps from all previous models is that they employ a far superior way to control the pressure inside the cylinder. Whereas all earlier version relied on holding and moving the cylinder back and forth to increase pressure, these new pumps rely on a handball pump instead.

xtreme x30

No question that both pumping methods will allow you to achieve the desired pressure, but the big advantage of using a handball pump is that it offers better control. During the course of a training session, maintaining the desired pressure requires you to pump more water out of the cylinder from time to time. Doing so with older models causes changes in bigger increments and not the pinpoint accuracy you get with the handball pump.

Not having to move the pump back and forth also decreases the likelihood that you may accidentally break the seal between the pump and your body. All in all, it just makes the entire workout more pleasant which, of course, means that you are more likely to stick to your training regimen for better results in the long term.

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Besides the handball pump, it should be noted that this pump comes with all of the other improvements associated with the Hydromax line. The most notable advantage these have over the original pumps is that they can produce a vacuum that is 35% more powerful. Added to this is a better valve mechanism that allows the user easier adjustment when the unit is filled with water.

In short, the Hydromax Xtreme penis pumps are not only the best ever made by Bathmate, but possibly the very best on the market. Certainly there are cheaper alternatives out but their quality can sometimes leave much to be desired. To get more details about the Hydromax Xtreme XX30 pump or any of the others, just click on the link below.