Hydromax Xtreme XX20

The Hydromax Xtreme XX20 is the newest addition to the Xtreme line and the smallest model. This pump fills a need for men of smaller size who want to experience all the benefits of using the most advanced hydropump on the market. The biggest difference between Xtreme pumps and previous product lines is the way pressure is controlled. Instead of changing the pressure by pushing and pulling the cylinder towards your body, the internal pressure is controlled via a handheld squeeze bulb.

xtreme x20

No doubt that either method of controlling pressure is effective, but the squeeze bulb has the advantage of allowing more precise control. Whether the purpose is to maintain a desired level of pressure or to vary the intensity of your workout at different intervals, water will need to be expelled from the cylinder. Older pumps simply don’t allow the user to have a degree of control that is as subtle as what you will get when using a squeeze bulb.

Pulling and pushing the cylinder also increases the probability that the seal between your body and the comfort pad will be broken. Not having to worry about that means you can apply all of your focus at getting the best workout session while avoiding such frustrations. In the end, the more your workouts are enjoyable and trouble-free, the more likely you are to stick to your regimen.

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Let’s not forget that aside from the handheld bulb, the Xtreme line also incorporates all of the improvements found in the line of Hydromax models. This means it has the same 35% improvement in pressure, a more comfortable base pad, a reliable water valve, and a cylinder that rotates to allow better viewing of the measurement scale which appears in both imperial and metric.

In a nutshell, the Xtreme pumps are not just the best Bathmate models available but likely the best hydropumps you can buy. Knockoffs can be found at a lesser price but their quality is typically far from comparable. All Bathmate pumps are constructed according to high quality standards so this is really a case where you get what you pay for. For more information on the Hydromax Xtreme XX20 pump or its cousins, simply click the following link.