Hydromax X40

The Hydromax X40 is the largest pump in the Hydromax line and simply a larger version of the X30. In essence, it is meant to serve the same customers who would buy the Goliath model yet still want to have all of the improvements found in Hydromax pumps.

hydromax x40

When compared to the original line of Bathmates, the improvements are significant. First, and maybe most important, is the fact that the Hydromax line has 35% greater vacuum pressure when compared to the originals. The valve mechanism has also been improved in the form of a locking mechanism that makes it easier to keep the water in the cylinder when you are putting it on.

Additionally, the comfort pad base is thicker and made of a material that is not only more comfortable but also creates a better seal between the pump and your body. Another feature is that the cylinder now swivels freely, making is easier to choose an angle that suits you and facilitates viewing the measuring gauge which is now displayed using both the metric and imperial scales.

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Don’t be misled into thinking that the original pumps won’t do the job if that’s all you can afford. Bathmate built its solid reputation on the back of the Hercules and Goliath models and they continue to be customer favorites. That being said, design evolution is a normal process that is usually guided by customer feedback and the hydromax pumps come with improvements that users have been asking for.

For this reason, one can easily say that the Hydromax evolution of pumps is really the most advanced of its type in the penis pump market. Yes, it does cost more, but improved suction power and ease of use not only offers faster results but also makes each training session more enjoyable. Click below for more information on this pump and others at the official Bathmate site.