Bathmate Hercules

The Bathmate Hercules is the first hydro pump to be put on the market and continues to be the top seller to this day. When it was designed, the idea was to create a device whose dimensions would serve men whose sizes varied from small to average as it was believed that well endowed men would have little interest in getting bigger.

bathmate hercules

We now know that, putting aside those who are unusually well endowed, most men would like to be a little bigger if they could which is why the Bathmate line of products is now more diversified to accommodate men of all sizes. That being said, most men wanting to get bigger are smaller than average size so, for them, the Hercules is the ideal choice.

As for its physical appearance, the Hercules comes in 3 different colors, red, blue and clear, with a measuring scale that runs the length of the cylinder so you can more easily keep track of your progress. The valve that controls the flow of water is situated on the tip of the unit itself which conveniently allows you to control the unit with both hands.

To be more specific about the dimensions of the Hercules model, its internal diameter and length are 1.87″ and 7.5″ respectively. When deciding if it’s the right one for you, please keep in mind that it isn’t just important for your penis to fit inside the unit, but that it also needs extra space for expansion when you grow.

One point to keep in mind is that even though it’s an excellent hydropump and the least expensive model, the Hercules does lag behind when compared to more recent models like the Hydromax. The Hydromax was specifically designed to improve on the shortcomings of older models while also managing to be 35% more powerful to promote even quicker gains.

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The size increases that are possible can vary greatly from one individual to another and depends on your genetics, your staring point, and how diligently you exercise with your Bathmate. That being said, improvements of 1 to 3 inches have been recorded and of course you will continue making gains the longer you keep on using it.

An attractive aspect of using a hydro pump is that it requires only a limited time investment. Contrary to some penis extenders that need to be worn for hours on end, sometimes as long as 8 to 12 hours a day, a typical workout with the Bathmate only requires 15 minutes per daily session.

The Hercules is a time-tested device that continues to deliver results to thousands of users. That being said, even though I do recommended it if you want reliable results and are on a tight budget, the bottom line is that the newer line on Hydromax pumps are better built while offering 35% more power than the Hercules.

The decision to buy a Hydromax or Bathmate Hercules is up to you but in either case you are certain to be getting the best hydropump on the market. To top it all off, there is a 12 month guarantee on all Bathmate models so you have nothing to lose by trying either of them.