Bathmate Review and Results

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This Bathmate review will offer readers a detailed overview of this unique line of hydro pumps that are designed to increase penis size by using water pressure. It accomplishes this through the use of a hollow cylinder that is filled with water, instead of air, and inside of which your manhood is inserted.

After your penis is inserted and the cylinder is filled with water, the unit base needs to be pressed firmly against the body. Subsequently, holding and moving the unit back and forth causes water to be expelled from the valve situated at the tip. Doing so reduces the internal pressure inside the cylinder which causes penile tissues to expand.

Relying on a water medium instead of air enhances comfort while eliminating many of the safety problems known to plague typical air pumps. When it’s used as recommended while allowing your body enough time to adapt to increasing levels of intensity, it’s completely safe.

Bathmate Step-by-Step Instructions

Using it is simple and this video offers an easy to follow visual demonstration of the steps involved. You shouldn’t worry if you don’t get the hang of it right away. Whenever your body is subjected to a new type of stress a period of adaptation is to be expected. This process shouldn’t take long as you make the minor adjustments needed to suit your comfort level.

On the official website you will find more videos and self-explanatory graphics that will provide more guidance if it’s required. The majority of guys training with the Bathmate find it enjoyable which becomes an additional incentive to keep on using it.

Does Bathmate Work?

Just about anyone who has looked into male enlargement products has been exposed to the Bathmate series of pumps. Because they rely on innovative technology that uses water rather than air as a pressure medium, most people wonder if they work. Once they take the time to get better informed about how and why they work, they quickly come to understand why they’ve become the best selling penis enlargement devices in the world.

A wide range of male enhancement strategies with mixed track records are available on the market. Most make impressive claims they could never expect to fulfill under the best conditions. Pills in particular are known to be less reliable while penis extenders have garnered a better reputation. Within the context of an industry that tends to over-promise and under-deliver, how do hydropumps measure up?

It should be noted that hydropumps rely on biological principles which have been scientifically proven. Viewing the video will offer you a more detailed explanation of why and how the Bathmate pumps work.

After understanding that a hydro pump works, it is normal for someone considering this option to wonder about the kind of gains they can expect. Because it isn’t a gimmick but a product with a solid reputation, it won’t promise to make you 3 inches bigger in a matter of weeks. If you’re foolish enough to think that’s even possible, you’ll be a prime target for all the con artists looking to sell you bogus products online.

That being said, if you’re serious enough to devote 15 minutes of your time, 3 or 4 times per week, you can definitely make significant gains in girth and length over the span of a few months. It goes without saying that the more dedicated you are, the better your results will be. In terms of the RESULTS one can expect, gains in length ranging from 1 to 2.8 inches and and nearing 30 percent in girth are possible.

Also, because the typical Bathmate session lasts around 15 minutes, your return on time invested will be much better versus an extender that needs to be worn several hours daily and is prone to causing discomfort. Another downside to using an extender is the fact they’re difficult to conceal under clothing, a factor that makes it harder to meet your daily usage requirements.

15 mins 1 to 3 inches

To be fair it should be mentioned that in spite of their drawbacks, extenders are known to be effective for adding length. Although discomfort is a common complaint the more popular ones, like Sizegenetics, have done a better job at correcting this problem. Even in light of this, the one we most highly recommend is the Phallosan which not only supersedes all others in the area of comfort, but also offers users the option to have it on while sleeping.

The Benefits

Anyone already familiar with the Bathmate knows that its purpose is to increase the size of a man’s penis. Although true, the fact remains that men who use it quickly come to discover it has other benefits which they hadn’t expected. Listed below are the benefits users of this hydro pump can expect.

  1. Penis Length – up to 2.8 inches in the long term if you have no previous penis enlargement experience
  2. Penis Girth – surveys show that women have a preference for girth, a measurement the Bathmate is especially effective at improving
  3. Bigger Head – a penis looks more impressive when the head grows in proportion with the shaft
  4. Harder Erections – being larger is pointless if you’re too soft to perform sexually
  5. Stop Impotence – if the cause isn’t due to some physical injury it will be easier to achieve and maintain an erection
  6. Better Orgasms – a penis that is healthier produces orgasms that are more intense and satisfying
  7. Cure Premature Ejaculation – when getting and staying hard isn’t a worry, controlling your ejaculations becomes easier
  8. Shoot Farther – a stronger penis creates stronger contractions which leads to more powerful ejaculations
  9. Reduce Curve – a Bathmate can assist you in reducing penis curvature, a condition known as Peyronies Disease
  10. Enhance Stamina – getting bigger becomes pointless if you lack the endurance required to please your sexual partner
  11. More Self-Confidence – when you’re free of worry and other important factors are optimal your confidence is high which translates to better sex

The Models

Over time, 3 product lines have emerged that incorporate the latest improvements developed by the research team and suggestions from users.

Bathmate Hercules + Bathmate Goliath

Though the oldest, this series is still popular with men who want an affordable pump without having to sacrifice on quality. These basic versions may lack some of the bells and whistles that were added later but remain consistent top sellers.

Hercules & Goliath

Hydromax X20 + Hydromax X30 + Hydromax X40

These 2nd generation models from the Hydromax line incorporate new features not found in the originals. A smoother and thicker comfort pad, an improved water pressure valve, 35% more power for faster gains, and a freely rotating cylinder (to facilitate viewing of the measurement scale), are signiificant upgrades that users can expect.

Hydromax X30 & X40

Xtreme X20 + Xtreme X30 + Xtreme X40

Although comparable to the Hydromax series, the major difference comes with the addition of a handheld squeeze pump that controls pressure. It provides a higher degree of precision when trying to make finer adjustments to the pressure inside the cylinder. The Xtreme line is the most advanced and aimed at men seeking to maximize their results in the least amount of time.

Xtreme XX40 & XX30

Bathmate Results

The most distinct factor that differentiates hydro pumps from other male enhancement devices is how quickly they deliver results. Individuals who have trained with weights are familiar with the concept of a “pump” which refers to temporary muscle size gains that occur when a group of muscles becomes engorged with increased blood volume. This reaction will occur even when you try the Bathmate for the first time.

Size Gains

The added benefit of this state is that it can last for a few hours, long enough to take advantage of during sexual activity. These temporary gains can range anywhere between 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches in girth and 1/4 to 3/4 inch in length. Immediate and significant results that last this long cannot be attained with any competing device, a major reason for its rising popularity.

Essentially, when training your penis it responds exactly like any other muscle would and grows. When working out you know the pump is a temporary state but aware that those gains will become permanent if you train with consistency. When used diligently in the manner prescribed, the Bathmate can deliver length gains nearing 2.8 inches over the long term.

Long Term Gains

However, it’s designed to impact all size measurements, not only length. Some devices, such as extenders, only emphasize length gains and aren’t a total solution like the Bathmate which also enhances girth and the size of the penis head. If one takes into account the conclusions of surveys that show most women prefer girth over length, this makes it an important advantage to consider.

Personal Bathmate Results

You should remember that the gains you make will become permanent. I especially like the fact that after working out the pump I get increases and maintains my girth to about 7 inches for most of the day.To me, that’s pretty incredible.

I’d also like to point out how quickly you make gains. Basically, I started out having no previous penis enlargement experience before working out with a Bathmate. Quick early gains are known as “newbie gains” or “hyper-responding” amongst bodybuilders. The effect is comparable to the way your body reacts when you first start training with weights and anything you do produces quick initial gains.

If you also have no prior PE experience, it’s logical to expect you will experience rapid growth early on just like I did. Even if you’re not a novice to PE, impressive gains are still possible. They just won’t come about as quickly, and you may not get an early boost, if compared to an individual who has no prior experience training their penis. Below is a table showing my results over a period of 2 months.

Time Period Erect Length Erect Girth
Start 5.60″ 5.60″
2 Weeks 5.60″ 5.75″
1 Month 5.70″ 5.85″
2 Months 5.75″ 6.10″

I’d also like to give my opinion concerning potential length gains. Certain individuals claim that this device can produce gains nearing 3 inches in a relatively short timeframe. My own experience leads me to believe this is unrealistic. There is no doubt that it can help you add length though, overall, its design makes the Bathmate better suited for increasing girth. Extenders (such as the Phallosan) are another type of PE device that has proven to be more effective at maximizing length. My opinion is that I don’t believe the Bathmate could help you gain more than 1 inch in length.

Also, I’d like to comment on the added benefits derived from using this pump which exceed just getting bigger.

Apart from my penis increasing a full 0.5 inches in girth rather quickly, I was mostly surprised that the head of my penis had also become bigger.Even though I had no problems in that area which didn’t leave much room for improvement, I still noticed that my erection quality was better. Many men have made similar claims after using the Bathmate, so if the quality of your erections is lagging, it’s certainly something to keep in mind.

I also noticed there was a significant improvement in the power and intensity of my orgasms, another positive. Having a workout session right before sex seems to further enhance those sensations.

Couple Lying Bed

In reality, before making the decision to try the Bathmate my expectations were reserved. That being said, after experiencing the growth and added benefits it provides, I’m certainly glad I tried it.

Routine for Novices

What follows is intended for men with no prior experience with penis enlargement and who will only be using a Bathmate hydropump.

The objective of this workout routine is to get your penis used to the pump and avoid any injuries. Starting off slowly will make it easier to assess your limits and determine the approach that feels most comfortable. After the 4 week point you should have a better feeling of what works and able to prepare a routine that suits your needs. Before getting to this stage you should already have made significant progress.

Take your time and look over the instructions that are included. Talk to your doctor should you experience unusual discomfort while using your pump. It goes without saying that you want to exercise good judgment and not overdo things, especially during the first month when your main objective should be to use the pump properly. However, Bathmate hydro pumps aren’t difficult to operate and you may even discover, like other men, that they’re actually fun to use.

It is strongly suggested that you wait at least a month before working out while fully erect.

Beginner’s Routine Schedule

Week-1 : duration = 8 mins, erection level = flaccid
Week-2 : duration = 12 mins, erection level = flaccid
Week-3 : duration = 8-10 mins, erection level =  70%
Week-4 : duration = 10-12 mins, erection level =  70%
Week-5 to 10 : duration = 12+ mins, erection level = 100%

Week 1

Place your flaccid member inside the Bathmate cylinder and, after pumping out enough water to reach full pressure, maintain this state for 8 minutes. Repeat this every other day.

Week 2

Again you start off flaccid except this time you need to keep your Bathmate on longer, around 12 minutes. Repeat this every other day.

Week 3

Now, start off with a 70 – 80% hardness level and keep the Bathmate on 8 – 10 minutes at maximum pressure. Repeat this every other day.

Week 4

This time maintain the same 70 – 80% hardness level using the Bathmate at maximum pressure for 10 – 12 minutes. Repeat every other day or train 2 days in a row and 1 day off.

Week 5+

With an erection that is at 70 – 80% put your Bathmate on and, after reaching maximum pressure, maintain this state for over 12 minutes. With your penis now accustomed to using a pump, pressure adjustments can be made according to your needs.

Be aware of the fact that your temporary gains, or “pump,” will stay longer after your workout if you started out fully erect. This state can be maintained between 4 – 24 hours and become more evident past your 2nd week. Beginning your sessions fully erect, you’ll soon experience the pump the Bathmate is known for.

You’ll notice the duration of the pump produced by the Bathmate will become progressively longer the more you use it. Typically, it takes about 5 – 6 months to get a pump that lasts all day. Because there is no recuperation period, you may have sex while you still have a pump. Beyond this point gains start becoming permanent if you keep on using it at a regular frequency.

Does Size Really Matter?

Penis preferences are a matter of personal taste so there are no specific measurements that can be considered ideal. Different individuals may have a variety of reasons for desiring a particular size over another. Though personal taste may account for some, other preferences may simply be the result of more practical considerations. Women’s sex organs may have as great a variance in size and shape as men’s. This being the case, those with smaller anatomies may simply feel more at ease with a male partner who is more modestly endowed.

women ideal penis size

This being the case, though there’s no general agreement as to the factors that are contribute to making a penis perfect, the majority of women do favor sizes found within a specific range. A study conducted to determine the penis sizes preferred by women discovered they favored guys with penises in the range of 6.25 – 6.50 inches in girth and 7.25 – 8.25 inches in length. Men who fall outside those parameters aren’t necessarily considered unsatisfying though the level of satisfaction tends to diminish the farther away you move from this range in either direction (smaller or bigger).

A worrisome discrepancy is obvious when one compares this data and the size of the average penis. Another study that recorded the penile measurements of 15,000 subjects from across the world concluded that an average penis was 4.50 inches in girth and 5.15 inches in length when erect. This implies that the penis of the average male is close to 2 inches smaller than the ideal size preferred by women. Penis size may be just one of many factors that affects a man’s ability to sexually please his partner but this survey indicates that it has a major impact on satisfaction levels. The good news is that Bathmate pumps are a reliable option for men whose penile dimensions fall short of the ideal range and who want to do something about it.

Bathmate vs. Penomet

The Penomet hydro pump hasn’t been around as long as the Bathmate though it is steadily gaining in popularity. A unique advantage of choosing the Penomet device is not having to worry about picking the correct sized model since there is just one. On the other hand this can become a disadvantage as hydro pumps tend to become less effective when the size of the penis is too small relative to the cylinder.

Penomet Combo

By offering 3 different size options (and 4 very soon), the Bathmate is more likely to fit better and lead to superior results. With some forethought about selecting a size that not only suits you now but allows enough room for future gains, it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to upgrade to a larger model.

Another way in which these two hydro pumps differ is that the Penomet “gaiters” are interchangeable. Gaitors refer to the flexible bellow situated at the base of the cylinder and which is pressed up against your body when you’re using the pump. Every gaiter comes in a different color which designates a particular degree of tension.

The strategy behind using different gaiters is to give users the option of modifying intensity levels while working out. For those familiar with weight training, the ability to modify the pump’s pressure in this way is comparable to changing the amount of weight you’re using between sets. The Penomet manufacturer claims that varying pressure within a training session gives users superior results.

Penomet Gaiters

Though this theory may be true, the use of multiple gaiters may not be required to reach the same objective. With a single gaiter, the Bathmate still allows users to quickly modify intensity by pumping out more water to increase suction or opening the valve latch to reduce it. Each one works this way except for the XX40 and XX30 Xtreme models which offer greater ease of use and precision with the addition of a handheld squeeze pump to control pressure.

One has to keep in mind that continually attaching and detaching the different gaiters during a workout could become frustrating, especially when you can get the same results without having to change gaitors. It’s much easier to keep the same gaiter on and change pressure simply by squeezing a handheld bulb.

Hydromax X30 – Penomet Pressure Test

Both are available in different configurations with varying price points depending on the accessories included. The truth is that neither are cheap so apart from evaluating them simply on the basis of their growth inducing potential, one should also consider how well these devices are made. Both have their own design advantages though the Penomet has received certifications from these 3rd parties (SGS, CE Markign and ISO).

That doesn’t necessarily it’s better since Bathmate hydropumps have yet to be tested by these groups. This being the case, similar tests conducted on the Hydromax X30 and Penomet pumps conclusively show the first is the clear winner. The video below clearly shows that even while using its best gaiters, the Penomet doesn’t come close to matching and sustaining the same pressure levels as the Hydromax X30. The Hydromax X30 is without a doubt the winner.

Bathmate vs. Sizegenetics (or other Extenders)

Extenders and hydropumps are known as being the two most reliable penis augmentation devices with Sizegenetics and the Bathmate ranking at the top of their respective categories. Just observing the volume of searches performed over the internet shows that these two are the most sought after and researched penile augmentation devices. It’s very easy to understand their popularity; they just work.

Although Cytokinesis is the main concept used by both to induce growth, wherein cell division and multiplication is provoked by applying continual stretching tension to tissues, the strategy they use to exploit this principle differs. In both cases more tissue will be created, but since the hydropump does so by expanding tissues in all directions simultaneously, it produces good overall gains instead of just affecting length. The counterpoint is that Sizegenetics, due to a design that only applies tension in the same direction, tends to be better at improving length.

Sizegenetics Penis Extender

The type of gains you want to emphasize, either length or girth, should determine the device you end up choosing. A guy whose penis is proportionally average may simply want a penis that’s bigger without emphasizing one dimension over an other. This common scenario doesn’t make the choice obvious. However, there are men who are pleased with their girth but feel like they need more length. Sizegenetics should be at the top of their list if that’s the case. For men who are satisfied with their length but feel they need to add thickness, a Bathmate is definitely the better choice.

Optimally, a complete training regimen could use both to offer users the best overall results in the shortest time frame. That’s the most evident choice but your investment in time and cost are factors to consider. Spending more money than you have to is the last thing anyone wants, but the biggest factor that will determine your level of success is dedicaction. It’s easy to get motivated at the thought of growing a bigger penis early on but the crucial element for success relies is having the persistence to use these devices over many months.

This is when the hydropump offers you a net advantage when compared to conventional penis extenders. While the Bathmate only requires users to invest around 15 minutes for every workout session (which you can perform in your shower) 5 times per week, Sizegenetics needs to be worn a minimum of 8 hours daily. It’s not hard to see that the time allotment required by each is quite different. Besides that, the majority of penis extenders (with the exception of the Phallosan) have the well deserved reputation for being uncomfortable, a major issue when you consider the amount of usage they require.

Sizegenetics Complete System

I personally recommend that if your main is to add girth, selecting any Bathmate pump is the best choice as it demands much less of your time. However, when adding length is the primary objective, penis extenders are the best choice though the conventional rigid version should be avoided since they aren’t comfortable, can’t be worn at night, and aren’t easy to conceal under clothing.

If you’re looking at extenders, one of the best is the Phallosan Forte because its unique design circumvents the majority of issues that plague rigid extenders. Apart from offering a level of comfort that supersedes all others, the possibility of wearing it beneath your clothes and while you sleep expands the options you have to meet your daily usage requirements.


As of now, hydro pumps the top-selling penis augmentation devices worldwide and this popularity isn’t hard to to explain: they just work. Satisfied users regularly submit their personal testimonials and below is just a small sample.

“It’s been about a year since I purchased the Bathmate X30 and I’m totally pleased. If I’d known the Xtreme version would be coming out shortly thereafter I might have waited, but the results have been great. It’s simple to use and to this point has met my expectations. Though not required when using it in a bathtub, the shower holding strap is a definite must when showering. The cylinder’s weight when full of water will pull down and break the suction between the comfort pad and your body without it. It’s a decision I don’t regret and enjoy the additional thickness and length I have right after a workout. I noticed over tme that my gains have become permanent with or without an erection. My hardness also appears better than it used to be.”   Mitch, Australia

“I bought a Batmate for my husband and he’s been using it for 4 months. Not only has he added half an inch, but less expected was the vast improvement in stamina and self-confidence. He was skeptical when I first gave it to him but the results quickly convinced him and our sex life has never been better! I’m convinced that anyone with the discipline to use it on a regular basis will get results.”     Maria, Canada

“At the time I started working out with a Hydromax, my erect penis length was around 5.50 inches long. My usual workout lasts up to 25 minutes and I do it 5 to 6 times a week. Without skipping any workouts and giving it my best effort, my length increased to 6.70 inches while width reached the pump maximum. My self-confidence is like never before and I’m no longer embarrassed to have a woman see me naked. I wouldn’t know if those are typical results but 10 months later I’m now close to 7.30 inches. Blown away.”   Jackson, USA

“Only 3 months into using a Bathmate and I’m already 1 inch longer and much thicker. At the start there was a bit of a learning period but after learning the ropes it was definitely worth it. I gained the additional size I wanted but also got a few extra perks I didn’t expect, like a better sex life and greater stamina. By far one of the best Decisions I’ve ever made!”   Michael, USA

“After a few months of using the Penomet I switched over to an X30 from the Hydromax line and prefer it. It has more of a quality feel to it and the pressure is more consistent and powerful. It’s my honest opinion that this pump is the best one on the market. After just 2 months using it I’d already made some pretty impressive gains. Even if you’re just starting out and have no prior experience with pumps, you’ll like this one. I actually found it fun to use and didn’t even have to look at the instructions. I’m 40 and got results so my guess is it’ll work for any guy, regardless of his age.”   Peter, Germany


When trying to determine the correct Bathmate to choose, don’t forget to allow some extra room for future growth. Upon realizing that both the X30 and Hercules models can’t accomodate penis sizes that exceed 1.87 inches in girth, selecting one of them if you’re already at 1.75 inches would not be wise as it would only provide an extra 0.12 inches for future growth. In this case, selecting the Goliath or X40 would make more sense.

Realizing that choosing the right pump might be challenging for some, the manufacturer decided to come up with a foolproof method. A user friendly interface was designed which tells potential customers the best model to choose after entering some information. Its highly reliable and only requires the user to enter some basic measurements, erect girth and length, to generate the most suitable recommendation.

In surveys, past and current users expressed a degree of satisfaction that exceeded 95%, higher than any other male enhancement solution. Also, showing a high level of confidence in their product, the manufacturer allows returns for 60 days and a full 12 month guarantee that covers defects or breakage. This means you can literally try it risk-free. If after reading through this review you’ve come to the conclusion that you would like to experience the many benefits offered by the Bathmate, clicking the yellow button will take you to the official site.